Chronic Sorrow in parenting a child with a disability

‘Chronic sorrow’ is the term used to describe the chronic hidden sorrow that parents of a child with a disability live with on a day-to-day basis. Simon Olshansky, a counselor to parents of handicapped children, coined the term in 1962.[1] Parents often do not recognize this sorrow, nor do their friends, relatives, or the professionals supporting them. Chronic sorrow does […]

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Meditation camp for stress relief for 22q.11 parents

Camps are good for children, but parents also need camp. Parents of children with 22q.11 Deletion need…meditation camp to help deal with the stresses in raising their child. Mike, my son is grown now, but I remember the relentless stress. Chronic stress is dangerous and can result in a multitude of health problems. There were long hospital days, unexplained fevers, difficulty breathing, failure to thrive, heart problems, seizures, […]

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Online clinical education is inadequate for Full Practice Authority for NP students

Ohio Nurse Practitioners are mobilizing to make Ohio the 21st state with Full Practice Authority (FPA). This means that Ohio NPs will be able to practice independently, to the full extent of their education, training and certification. No longer will they have to prescribe according to the Ohio Formulary, nor will APRNS be required to be in a collaborative agreement […]

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