Hanging up my stethoscope

Hanging up my stethoscope feels like losing a limb. I’ve been a nurse, a nurse practitioner, and a nursing instructor for all of my adult life. Over the years I have listened to thousands of patient’s stories, listened to their hearts, their blood vessels, their bowels, and their lungs. I have touched patients, held their hands, hugged them, made them […]

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Prepare to meet your maker

Crisis This Covid-19 crisis moment will go down in history books. Life on this earth is changing before our eyes. An invisible virus brought our world to a standstill. We hide from the virus as it hides from us. In Chinese, the word for crisis consists of 2 characters.  The first character means danger, the second character means opportunity. This time […]

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Election 2016 and your childrens’ future

Sometimes parents of disabled children are too busy caring for their children to pay attention to politics. However, politics matters for the future well-being of our children. Will the person we elect protect the rights of the weakest and most vulnerable among us? Are the needs of the disabled for medical care, food, and housing part of the political discussion? It should be. There are over fifty-six […]

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