About the Author

Susan Ellison Busch accepting Gold Medal Award

Susan  accepting her Gold Medal Award at the International Book Festival in Miami, November 2014.

Susan Ellison Busch  is an award-winning author of her memoir about raising her son, Yearning for Normal. She was awarded with a Gold Medal Reader’s Favorite Award in the Christian Living Genre in October, 2014 and received her award at the International Book Festival in Miami, Florida in November.

Her middle son, Mikey, was born with 22q.11, and her book details the challenges they faced with schools, doctors and the legal system and how she worked through them.  She has spoken at national conferences on topics related to kidney disease and also about raising a son with Deletion 22q.11 Syndrome (a.k.a. VCFS and DiGeorge Syndrome).

All three of Susan’s sons are now grown, and Susan lives with her husband on the edge of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio. (See some images of the area below.)  She works with kidney patients as a Nurse Practitioner. When she isn’t working or trying to write, she enjoys the beauty of the surrounding area and her life – the trees and the sky, horseback riding, playing tennis, and eating onion rings with her son Mike.

Susan is currently working on a novel that takes place in a kidney dialysis unit.