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I have just recently formed my own publishing company, Gray Horse Press. I have a few reasons for doing this, and I think it will serve me well going forward.

Gray Horse Press- Publishing Company

Initially, I published Yearning for Normal with a third-party publishing company, which was okay because it was my first book, and I did not know anything about the process. However, now that I have a little more knowledge of book publishing, owning my company will allow me to have full control over my books– from writing, printing, shipping to marketing– I will be able to handle it all (with some help as needed!)  In fact, I hope to get so busy that I cannot keep up and have to hire a full staff!  Yes, I am dreaming BIG!

My New Novel

I am in the process of writing a novel that is based in a dialysis unit. I am working on this in my spare time when I am not working with kidney patients. (Work that I thoroughly enjoy!)  I hope that you will consider reading it and will enjoy it!

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  • Awsome to see what you did with your book. I too am working on publishing my personal story. I have even looking into making it a pdf and offering it on my blog at least until I figure the process out. What process did you go through to publish your story? I am a adult with 22q vcfs digeorge I have a father and three siblings with the same disorder and I am raising my own daughter who also has it. My daughter also has a mild form of ceberal palsy and I have 22q with gasteroparies. The degree of how this disorder is so vastly differently effecting from on to the next person is simply astonishing. Glad I found you on twitter.

    • sbusch

      Hello Amanda,
      What a story you have to tell! I clicked on your website and I am very impressed. You are beautiful! Your website will bring hope to many.
      Yes the vastness of how the deletion effects each individual is astonishing.
      I suggest self publishing on Create Space and then marketing it on Kindle. The most important aspect of publishing your writings is getting a good editor. I’d be happy to help you with anything you need and would be happy to read your writings….

  • Susis

    So far I just have one very poorly paid employee–namely me.

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